CLIENT: Pan African Festival of Oregon
PROJECT: Black Owned Business Summit Branding

Pan African Festival of Oregon is a nonprofit organization focused on galvanizing, mobilizing and empowering the Pan African communities in Oregon and is directly invested in creating new opportunities for historically disenfranchised communities in Oregon. 
Our mission is to present a world-class celebration of the arts and entertainment that enriches the cultural, economic and social vitality of Oregon. Furthermore, the festival creates platform for small black-owned businesses and will represent core values of excellence, diversity and relevance. 
We host the annual Pan African Festival in Pioneer Square, an exhilarating celebration of performing arts, outdoor entertainment, and community spirit. One-day gathering that offers dozens of performances, activities, exhibitions, and health screenings, dance, drumming, comedy, street arts, and family entertainment. 
What began with a vision to celebrate the hidden treasures in the Pan African communities, bring community together, and showcase the state as a major diverse and fun destination, now flourishes as one of the leading platforms dedicated for black-owned business in the state. 
Black Owned Business Summit 2019 is our first summit.

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