Provide an intuitive in-store communication system for the Fast Fits Iron selection system. The system has three product silos, with two sets within each silo. Make it easy for a customer to find the right fit, quickly.
• Sport tech inspired tone. Tight, clean, technical. Use the provided deck as a starting point for inspiration. 
• Analog graphic solutions with minimal fixturing support. 
• Include product-adjacent solutions to reference the chooser communication.
Retail Displays
Concept A
A central attract feature announces the Fast Fit system to customers at a distance, encouraging them to investigate. The attract is located above the club sets, making the connection between the selector and the product sets an intuitive next step for the customer.
Concept B
A branded pedestal presents the Fast Fit selector as a focal point when the customer enters the space. The nature of the design encourages the customer to step into the space and engage with the product. 
The iron sets are then displayed next to the pedestal with bold product cards to make the selection immediate.
Concept C
This concept frames each club set together, eliminating the need for a separate selector. The large category headline graphics allow customers to engage directly with the product line that is most relevant to them, making the educational part of the process more about the levels within the category, rather than the category itself.
Messaging + Infographics

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