Throughout my on-going partnership with Heart & Hustle Productions, I've developed graphics and strategic presentations for many of thier client projects.
As a full-service digital agency, one of Heart & Hustle’s primary services is writing, composing and designing strategic presentations and concepts for high-profile clients that include network executives, angel investors, and numerous professional athletes and legends such as Ndamukong Suh, Derek Jeter, and Ken Griffey Jr. 
These presentations include concepts for digital film programs, corporate branding guidelines, and pitches for investment capital, many of which have been green-lit and proceeded through full production.
The goal of each deck is to take a creative concept or purposeful content and to package it into a compelling, professional and legitimate visual experience. Since most of these concepts are not yet real, it is paramount to give viewers the clearest understanding of visual aesthetic and content possible. This involves curating visual references, creating original conceptual artwork and storyboards, and giving each presentation a “skin” that places it’s raw content within the world of each concept.
As a result of painstaking attention to detail, Heart & Hustle has been rewarded with numerous contracts to produce digital and branding projects, and has raised millions of investment capital for their clients. This success has hinged upon our ability to be capable and experiential storytellers. And this ability has helped us to communicate vision to clients in a diverse spectrum in a way that continually motivates them to step on board and tell incredible stories together.

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