I Live Culture 
Description: "We are a diverse group of individuals. We love people. We live for a cause bigger than ourselves. We are inspired by each other. By music, sunny days, the street, food, emotion, struggle, victory, color, unity, and all other ingredients that compose the recipe of a fully-lived life."
Culture Blog Framework
Aside from serving as I Live's website, the blog's greater purpose is to be an aggregation of inspiration for young people, to expose them to new and interesting ideas in art and culture, and to awaken their creativity.
Culture Blog Content
The culture blog houses an ever-expanding array of topical content including: 
I Live - Who We Are + General Information  •  Tribes - Introduction + Promotional Video for youth community group program  •  Life + Leadership  •  Art + Design  •  Lifestyle  •  Music + Entertainment  •  Video Content
This content was curated and written by the I Live volunteer staff as well as student contributors.
Promotional Videos
These videos were produced, filmed, edited, and acted in by volunteer members of the I Live community. Each promo video was filmed and released in conjunction with a similarly-titled speaking series.

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