In Partnership With Heart & Hustle Productions
Executive Producer & Creative Director: Rashad Floyd
Services Rendered: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Creative Strategy, Front-end Web Design, Environmental Design
In association with Heart & Hustle Productions, I was contracted to develop a series of branding projects for Ken Griffey Jr.'s SWINGMAN BRAND. These developments coincided with KGJ's election into the Baseball Hall Of Fame in summer 2016, where he received a record voting percentage of 99.32% for his induction.
The projects I completed included the following: Title graphics, film poster, and graphic backdrops for a Swingman documentary chronicling KGJ's life and baseball career.  •  Design of a splash page website for Swingman Brand (which previously had none).  •  Conceptual development of a mobile brand presentation unit, purposed to travel the country to various events promoting Swingman Brand. • In addition, I also designed multiple presentation decks for Swingman brand for various projects and future initiatives.
12' Film Backdrops
Creative Direction: Rashad Floyd  |  Typography, Design + Compositing: Nathanael Clanton  |  Griffey Illustrations: Danny Popovici
Film Title Screens + Pitch Deck
Film Poster Development
Splash Page Website
Mobile Retail Unit
In addition to the brand website, I developed designs for a mobile retail unit that would be used as a touring brand experience to showcase the different facets of the brand, as well as a retail space. This unit would be driven to various strategic events around the country to bring awareness to the expanded Swingman brand.
Exterior Concepts

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