This audit was massive. IDL sent representatives to multiple major cities on four different continents to record and detail the state and presentation of the potential retail environments for the new Windows Phone launch. This resulted in a massive amount of data being collected including photos, video and written content. 
I was assigned the task of creating a system for collecting and cataloging  this data throughout the process, in addition to managing communication with the representatives traveling in multiple countries and time zones. Aside from the representatives, I was the sole owner of this project.
I approached the project by designing an interactive PDF form that would be used by each representative, complete with sections for all relevant information and interactive forms. This PDF had to account for all possible types of data being collected and had to organize it in a way that was clear and manageable.
Following design of the collection form, I developed a catalog system for the data being collected. This catalog was organized by Continent>Country>City>Retail Location and color-coded for quick referencing. – As new data came in from around the world, I gathered the results, edited the content and laid it out in the catalog.
The result was a huge 750+ page catalog resource that was then produced and delivered in physical and digital formats to the Windows Phone team to inform their upcoming launch and strategy.

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