1964 Ears, a Portland, Oregon based custom in-ear monitor (IEM) manufacturer, contracted me to complete a full redesign of their current website. It was paramount that the new visual look position the company alongside (and stylistically ahead of) the biggest brands in their industry.
In addition, I worked alongside a web developer to design an ambitious new customization tool for creating personalized IEMs. While 1964 is considered a relatively new company compared to the more established giants in the category, no other company had a web-based tool with the kind of capability, options, and smoothness like the one we designed for 1964 Ears.
After completion of the website design and IEM tool, orders for product as well as traffic to the site, more than doubled, creating  a back-order  overflow of more than enough business for the rapidly-growing company.
Design Director: Nathanael Clanton
Web Developer: Daniel Lifflander
Original Website
New Website

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